About Us

property managementHere at U.S. Property management we take pride in providing excellent service for our real estate investing clients.  We currently manage over 300 properties and work with over 100 investors.

The services we provide are all-inclusive.  We like to give the investor a complete hands-off option if they so choose.  Because of this, we work with a number of excellent service companies around the nation to provide all of the necessary services to keep your investment property in tip top shape.

From dryer vents and air ducts to chimneys, carpets, painting, and drywall.  We make sure all of your projects are handled on-time and within budget.

We also work with excellent marketing companies to ensure your business is able to grow and stay on top of the game.  We have offline advertising agencies and web search engine optimization consultants who can help to position your brand in front of more customers.

So give us a call today to find out how we can change the way you handle your investment business.